Innovation and Impact: Past Participants

David Ohana


David Ohana is an Oberlin College sophomore majoring in Politics with minors in Economics and Environmental Studies. He only recently learned the meaning of the term social entrepreneurship, but after a short period of time realized how passionate he was about fulfilling the demands of being a social entrepreneur. In his high school in San Diego, David served as Vice President to the student body, which, at that point, was alienated from the school administration. Through various reforms and networking, he was able to work with the student body and the administration to strengthen the student’s role in the school’s management process. He was also a founding member of his New York High School’s Theater program, Beacon Drama Art Theater, and served as the program’s treasurer to the International Thespian Society. David also served on the Charity board at La Jolla Country Day, organizing events and volunteering in the greater San Diego community. For his active role in the community, David was awarded the Darla Cox New Student Award in 2007. At Oberlin he co-founded the Applied Social Development Association with his project partners Sage Aronson and Suman Giri and was a founding member of Tanwir, the Middle Eastern Studies Association. He is also a member of the Student Finance Committee and a Residential Assistant. Recently he awarded Shansi’s In-Asia Study Grant to research how religion in Phakumba, Nepal informs the local social and political structures. Alongside Suman and Sage, he looks forward to working extensively with the people of Phakumba in order to provide sustainable social development. 

Participant biographies were submitted at the time of the project and may contain information that is no longer current.