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Carol is the Director for the BWAF and has successfully launched her own social enterprise in the 1990's: La Bodega de la Familia and then the national non-profit, Family Justice. Carol is an Ashoka fellow who has demonstrated time and again her ability to galvanize strategic thinkers, leverage policy makers, line and supervisory staff within government, foundations, and the non-profit world both here and abroad to create sustainable change within the social justice system. Prior to BWAF, Carol was an Associate Research Scholar at Columbia University's Institute for Social and Economic Policy and Research. During her tenure at Columbia, Carol taught graduate seminars on Rethinking Justice and wrote on the topic of scaling innovation within technical and global economies. Carol was the Founder and President of Family Justice, a non-profit focused on tapping the strengths of families and their social networks to break cycles of victimization and justice system involvement. She has devised and collaborated on numerous initiatives to more effectively address crime prevention, addiction, prerelease, reentry, and a broad range of related issues. Carol has served as an advisor to governmental and citizen-sector initiatives where she also provided technical assistance and consultation services to federal, state, and local governments and non-profits in the US and abroad. Carol received a BA and professional minor in art from Carnegie Mellon University and a Masters is Social Services from Bryn Mawr College.


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