Photo of Amalia Haas
Alumni Participant


Amalia Haas ‘91, M.Ed. Yeshiva University, Permaculture Certificate, Master Organic Beekeeper (Candidate), is a serial Jewish environmental entrepreneur, educational innovator, performer, and writer. She is a passionate advocate for bees and food animals, and a sought-after speaker on environmental and social justice issues. Her work was profiled in the 2010 book Kosher Nation and in GreenFaith’s Model Ethical & Sustainable Food Companies. Haas’ BeeHive Your Classroom transforms classrooms into hives and students into bees, complementing STEM curricula. Her BeeHive Your Business workshops apply hive decision-making methodologies to team building and goal-setting. Haas markets raw honey and plumbs Bee-Jewish connections at With husband Adam Haas ‘92, she raises six children, ages 5 to 19, whom they hope will inherit a world that is safer and healthier for bees and humans alike.


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