Innovation and Impact: Past Participants

Alani Gaunt


Alani Gaunt is an aspiring makeup artist and Cinema Studies and Studio Art student originally from Columbus, Ohio. She became involved with makeup design in her high school theater department, and wanted to continue into college. Upon arriving at Oberlin College freshmen year, Alani discovered that very little had previously been done as far as makeup for film and theater and she set about to change that. She began working on student thesis films freshmen year, word got around about her work, and she was soon getting regular requests for her work in film and theater. Alani has taught a workshop in special effects makeup for film at Oberlin, completed a winter term in which she returned to her high school theater department to teach stage makeup, and completed several private readings in makeup for film, prosthetics makeup, and fashion makeup. She has interned with Opera New Jersey’s Wig and Makeup Department and worked on independent short films. This past winter term, Alani worked extensively with Oberlin alum and filmmaker Mika Johnson and a team of fellow Oberlin students on his project Amerika: A Notebook in Three Parts. She completed her Cinema Studies thesis in makeup design for film, designing for seven senior thesis films. After graduation, Alani intends to continue working as a freelance makeup artist.

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