LaunchU: Final Round Competition

The Final Eight, 2019

These eight ventures made it through the First Round to compete for a total of $40,000.  

The winners were:

First place: 1stStep2Life, awarded $20,000
Second place: The Read Read, awarded $15,000
Third place: Full Circle Solutions, awarded $5,000

1st Step 2 Life

First place winner.

1 step 2 life: helping teens in pain take back their lives

Nancy Darling, Max Kramer, Charlie Maddox, and Emma K. Marcus.

Helping teens in pain take back their lives.

Community Hub

Community Hub logo

John Petersen, Rowan Hannan, and Tim Robert-Fitzgerald.

Fostering new connections that help people see themselves as part of larger whole.

Full Circle Solutions

Third place winner.

FCS logo

Jonathan Kaufman.

Creating value for the organics waste streams.


Newsreel logo

Jack Brewster.

Improving news literacy and fostering healthy discourse about current events.

PWR Technologies

PDR Technologies: Ryan Gleeson & Andrew Sugarman

Ryan Gleeson, Andrew Sugarman.

Fully automate standard urinalysis testing.


Ride: Let's go somewhere

Kelvin Baker.

Delivering a carbon neutral, community ride-sharing solution.

StoryIt LLC

Storyit LLC logo

Christopher Herman.

A digital interactive sports media platform changing how athletes capture, remember and share their memories.

The Read Read

Second place winner.

Read Read logo

Alex Tavares.

Offering a technology to assist children classified as “non-readers” how to read.