The current housing selection process includes an off-campus and an on-campus selection phases.

The on-campus housing selection registration process occurs from Monday, February 18, 2019 through Friday, March 1, 2019 by 11:59 AM EST. Students have the option of registering as individuals, in which case they will be assigned an individual housing selection time, or as a group, in which case the group will be given a group housing selection time. Students are required to be registered for classes before they are allowed to select housing.

During the week of April 15, all students will receive a randomized appointment time that will be based on semesters in residence. Students groups will have their semesters in residence averaged.

Starting Friday April 26, individuals and groups with five semesters in residence (or more) will select their housing. The selection process will provide each student, or group of students, the opportunity to select an assignment from all available housing inventory that they are eligible for (i.e., village housing, traditional housing) at the time of their appointment.

Students with less than five semesters in residence will select housing via the online housing selection system starting April 30, ending May 8. More information will be sent out via email.

Also, a students' housing selections will be immediately entered into the housing database, which will reduce the number of double-bookings and will allow students to verify their assignment at the time of selection.

Online Housing Selection Instructions 

Important Points to Note

  • Priority for housing selection is based on a student’s semesters in residence.
  • Semesters in residence is projected for the fall semester and is listed in a number from 1 through 10 on your housing registration form.
  • The semesters in residence projection is based on the number of semesters you have completed at Oberlin, including being enrolled but not in residence (ENR), and any approved academic leaves of absence and verified semesters at previous institutions for transfer students.
  • Personal Leaves of Absence and Medical Leaves of Absence do not count toward your total semesters in residence.
  • Appointments for housing selection will be first sorted by the individual’s or the group’s averaged semesters in residence and then by a random lottery number assignment within these average semesters in residence.

  • Students may enter the process as an individual or as a group.
  • Students select from the housing available at the time of their appointment.
  • If you register for housing as a group, you are not obligated to room with the other members of the group. All members of the group will have the same housing selection appointment time but at that appointment time the group members are able to split up and select from the available housing for which they are eligible.
  • If you registered for housing as an individual but you have decided you want to join a group or form a group with another individual all the members involved will be assigned a different housing appointment time. All the members involved must visit the ResEd Office at the latest of the assigned appointment times to have your new group put into the system by a ResEd Administrator.
  • Students who wish to live in Village Housing must have four or more semesters in residence.

  • If an individual applies late, they will be moved just below their average semesters in residence prior to having the random number assigned.
  • If a member of a group applies late, the group will be moved just below their average semesters in residence prior to having their random number assigned.
  • If a student does not complete the online General Housing and Dining Registration (Supplemental Program and Theme applications or the OSCA Lottery are not a substitute for completing the General Application) then they will be moved to the very end of housing selection and will not be included in other student's requested groupings.

  • Students who wish to live in a Program, Special Interest or Theme House must complete the supplemental application for the Theme or Program of interest to give them the best opportunity to be offered a space in one of these assignments.
  • Program and Theme Housing Selections occur four weeks before the General Housing Selection process. Students who are offered a Program/Theme space who also have four or more semesters in residence are eligible to accept their Program/Theme offer while also electing to remain in the General Housing Lottery.
  • If students with less than four semesters in residence accept their Program/Theme offer they are removed from the General Housing Lottery and the Program/Theme space they accepted is their assignment for the 2019-2020 Academic Year.
  • Program House and Theme Housing selections for the 2019-2020 Academic Year began the week of April 1, 2019.

  • Students who wish to live off-campus must have been selected for off-campus housing through the process in the fall and must have accepted the offer. Otherwise students need to request and qualify for an exemption or are welcome to indicate their interest in off-campus housing on the summer housing waitlist once it opens up after housing selection weekend.
  • Village Housing candidates must complete an orientation session within the first three weeks of the start of the semester in order to maintain eligibility.

  1. It allows students to select from the widest range of inventory available to them at the time of their appointment.
  2. It requires that the majority of students complete their housing selection during a single appointment time.
  3. It allows for the majority of students to leave their appointment with a specified assignment.