Office of Residential Education

Return From Leave

If you are requesting a Personal Early Arrival after a leave, please be sure to follow all steps detailed below.

Please complete the Spring Personal Early Arrival Request form .

Students who are granted permission to arrive early will be charged the following rates, depending on when early arrival was requested:

Requested before the deadline:
$75 per day

Requested after the deadline (48 hours before arrival):
$125 per day

$250 per day

  • Students who are granted permission to return early should bring a copy of their written authorization notice (email) to the early arrival desk.
  • Fees will be charged to the semester term bill.
  • Please Note: This fee does not include meals.

Please Note: Students found having entered college housing prior to their authorized return date or who have not checked in at the early arrival desk, will automatically be charged at a rate of $250 per day for the days that they are in the building without authorization.

Students may be asked to vacate college facilities until the date they are authorized to move in and may be subject to Student Conduct charges.

Additional Information Pertaining to Housing/Dining

Deadline: 11:59 p.m., EST Tuesday, November 19, 2019

  • The online housing system will be available beginning on November 5, 2019 and ending at 11:59 p.m., EST November 19, 2019. The best browsers to use for the on-line housing and dining application system are Internet Explorer 5 or higher, Netscape 4.7 or higher, Safari, (though not supported officially by the software company) or Mozilla.
  • To log in to the Housing and Dining web-based software your username and password are the same as your OCMail username and password. Once you have logged on, complete all portions of the application (items with red stars are required). If something is not clear please use the help function by hovering over the underlined items. Make sure that you click the submit button at the end of the application to send your information to the Residential Education and Dining Services office.
  • If you're unable to access the website, please contact ResEd at 440-775-8472 to provide your information over the phone.
  • You may choose to edit any of your preferences on the Housing and Dining Application until the time and date listed above.
  • If you wish to apply to a co-op, room and board or board only, you must contact OSCA directly.
  • The website will close promptly, at 11:59 p.m., EST November 19, 2019. Please contact our office for assistance in submitting a late application.
  • Note: Priority in housing will not be given to any application for winter term residency if received after the deadline.

Deadline: December 1

  • At mid-year only students who requested and received a release to off-campus status for the fall semester are eligible for off-campus status for the spring semester.
  • If you now qualify for an off-campus exemption you may request it at this time and by the December 1 deadline.
  • Note: Even if you received permission to live off campus this Fall semester, you must still reapply as we gather additional information beyond housing preferences.
  • Off campus housing status does not carry with it off board status. All students are expected to take meals on campus.

Deadline: December 1

  • The office of Residential Education and Dining Services understands that some students may have medical conditions that require special housing and or dining accommodations.
  • The Office of Residential Education and Dining Services successfully meets the accommodation needs of most students and only in rare instances must allow students needing accommodations to live off-campus or not participate in a meal plan.
  • If you have a condition that requires an accommodation, please contact the Student Accessibility Services to learn how to formally apply for an accommodation.
  • All appropriate documentations are due to the office of Disability Services by December 1.

Deadline: December 1

  • Off-campus and or off-board is offered to students in the following categories:
    • Married students who submit a copy of their Marriage License.
    • Students who live with their parents and commute from their parent's primary home within a 50 mile radius.
    • Students who are 23 years of age or older by January 2 for housing. For dining students must be 23 years of age or older by the first Monday after Fall Break for the exemption in the fall semester or the first Monday after Spring Break for spring semester dining.
    • Students who are enrolled for five credit hours or less.
    • Students who have underage dependent children living with them.
  • The request can be made on the Housing and Dining Exemptions Request page. Documentation must be received by December 1 where required.
  • Please Note: If you qualify for an off-campus housing or dining exemption and subsequently ask for ResEd or OSCA housing or dining, you forfeit the off-campus status option for the entire semester or the remaining portion thereof.
  • Students should not sign a lease or pay a deposit without written notification of release from the Residential Education office. Any student who is enrolled in the college but leaves college housing or dining without a release, continues to be liable for charges for the full semester.

Deadline: 11:59 p.m., EST Tuesday, November 19, 2019

  • If you are interested in living in a program or special interest housing, including substance free and the quiet floor please complete the appropriate Theme House or Program House application by the deadline.
  • After filling out all the required information, please forward the application email confirmation that you receive to .

Program Housing Applications
Theme Living Applications