Departments must submit all student(s) names via the online registration form beginning in mid-June and through mid-July.

Please fill in all information as completely as possible. Be sure to list all students you are authorizing to return to campus, without regard to whether they are living on or off campus.

We strongly encourage you to verify that your off-campus students have housing that is available when you need them to be here (e.g., their off-campus lease begins concurrently with your timeline, etc.). Lists sent via Excel spreadsheet or other format will be returned to that department for submission via the online system. 

Departments may not authorize students to return to campus before the first approved early arrival move in date.

Change Process

Departments may request changes to their list of early arrival students via the web form until mid-July. Any changes after the deadline in July, will be considered on a case-by-case basis and must be submitted via email, on or before the first Friday in August.

Late List Process

While we understand changes occur, our sincere hope is to minimize these. Any changes after the first Friday in August, requires special authorization and must be submitted to our office via email. All authorizations granted after the August deadline will be billed at twice the normal housing and dining rates.


  • Early Arrival room and board rate for department
    $27.50 per night, housing (if a student lives on campus for fall 2019) and three meals per day (this is the standard required option for all departmental early arrivals).

To register students, your department or group must provide the following information on the registration form:

  • Sponsoring department name (ex: athletic)
  • Name of the group (ex: football)
  • Sponsoring contact name
  • Sponsoring contact phone number
  • Sponsoring contact email
  • Account number in (Fund Code - Org. Code - Account - Prog.) format
  • Student ID (T-Number)
  • First and last names and middle initial
  • Whether the student will need housing and dining, dining, or ID access only
  • Arrival date
Registration Form

Departments will receive an email announcing the opening of the departmental early arrival form, mid June. Please do not submit your list in other formats in the meantime. Contact the ResEd early arrival desk 440-775-8472 or Andy Sadouskas with any additions, changes, and or questions.

Department Early Arrival Form