Formosa Deppman

  • Admissions Counselor


I grew up in Oberlin, a vibrant intellectual and musical community that has encouraged children like me to see reading books and playing an instrument as part of everyday activities. At Langston Middle School, I started taking violin lessons from Oberlin Conservatory students and later participated in chamber music ensembles organized by the Community Music School. Beginning my sophomore year in high school, I took Chinese and math classes at Oberlin College, an interdivisional training that prepared me for a liberal arts education. I graduated from Yale University in 2021, with a double major in comparative literature and East Asian Studies. My experiences with Oberlin’s music, STEM, languages, and cross-cultural collaborations have helped shape my interest in these two majors, which took me to study abroad in Taiwan and South Korea.

I am a bubble tea enthusiast who reads modernist novels, plays violin, practices martial arts, and walks a long-haired silver-dapple dachshund during my free time. I am always ready for a conversation with future Obies about academics, music, travel, and the local community.