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Tax Exemption

Oberlin College is exempt from sales tax within the State of Ohio. Oberlin’s sales tax exemption is not transferrable and does not apply to purchases made by individuals or student organizations. For a purchase to be exempt from sales tax, it must be limited to official college business and paid directly to the seller with college funds (e.g., p-card, purchase order, or check). Purchases made with cash or a personal credit card are subject to sales tax.

Tax Exemption by State

Some states offer sales tax exemptions to organizations outside of their state. When conducting business in another state, please check the information below to determine if sales tax exemption applies. If an exemption applies, the certificate must be completed (if applicable) and presented to the seller at the time of purchase.

State Exempt Not Exempt No State Sales Tax Comment
Alabama    X    
Alaska      X  
Arizona    X    
Arkansas    X    
California    X    
Colorado  X     Colorado allows out-of-state tax-exempt organizations to use the tax exemption number or exemption certificate issued by their home state. Provide the Ohio Exemption Certificate. 
Connecticut  X    

Connecticut Exemption Certificate-Meals and Lodging (CERT-112)

Exemption is possible on a case-by-case basis. The process can take 6-8 weeks and is required prior to each exemption. Contact Procurement.

Connecticut Exemption Certificate- Tangible Property (CERT-119)

Delaware      X  
District of Columbia X     District of Columbia Exemption Certificate- Pending
Florida  X     Florida Exemption Certificate
Georgia    X    
Hawaii   X    
Idaho X     Idaho Exemption Certificate
Illinois  X     Illinois Exemption Certificate
Indiana X     Indiana  Exemption Certificate
Iowa X     Iowa Exemption Certificate
Kansas  X     Kansas Exemption Certificate
Kentucky X     Kentucky Exemption Certificate   
Louisiana   X    
Maine X     Maine Exemption Certificate
Maryland   X    
Massachusetts X     Massachusetts Exemption Certificate
Michigan X     Michigan Exemption Certificate
Minnesota X     Minnesota Exemption Certificate
Mississippi X     Mississippi Exemption Certificate
Missouri X     Missouri Exemption Certificate
Montana     X  
Nebraska    X    
Nevada    X    
New Hampshire     X  
New Jersey X     New Jersey Exemption Certificate
New York X     New York Exemption Certificate-Pending
North Carolina   X    
North Dakota X     North Dakota Exemption Certificate
Ohio  X     Ohio  Exemption Certificate
Oklahoma   X    
Oregon     X  
Pennsylvania   X    
Rhode Island   X    
South Carolina   X    
South Dakota   X    
Tennessee X     Tennessee Exemption Certificate-Pending
Texas X     Texas Exemption Certificate
Utah X     Utah Exemption Certificate
Vermont X     Vermont Exemption Certificate
Virginia   X    
Washington   X    
West Virginia   X    
Wisconsin X     Wisconsin Exemption Certificate
Wyoming   X