Facilities Operations, Procurement, and Auxiliary Services

Central Heating Plant (CHP)

The Central Heating Plant (CHP) is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the campus steam plant and the steam distribution system. The plant also directs the annual steam shutdown inspection for the steam and condensate distribution systems.

The purpose of the CHP is to provide all the steam required by the campus for heat, hot water, cooking and chilled water for climate control. Steam is an efficient means of transferring energy from a central location to almost every building on campus.

The plant is staffed around the clock (during the heating season) by operators licensed through the state of Ohio who monitor, adjust and repair all necessary equipment required to maintain a safe and reliable process of supplying steam to the campus.

Chiller Start-up Schedule (Spring/Summer)

The chiller start-up schedule depends on the weather. In recent years, we have been able to start up the various systems around the first or second week of June. There are 15 academic buildings on campus with chilled water servicing them. The campus also has the Adam Joseph Lewis Center that is cooled by Geo-Thermal.

Heat Start-up Schedule (Fall/Winter)

The fall heat start-up schedule completely depends on the weather. In recent years the time to start sending steam is in the middle of October. The temperature must stay below 50 degrees for several days in a row before the plant is using steam generated heat. The temperature swings during the time following the start-up cause many calls to be placed to facilities operations. Please be patient because the temperature will probably change the next day.