Evgeniya Moskaleva

  • Visiting Assistant Professor of Economics

Areas of Study


  • PhD, agricultural, food, and resource economics, Michigan State University (in progress), 2022

  • MA, economics, New Economic School, 2014

  • BS, economics, Novosibirsk State University, 2012


Evgeniya's research interests are in development economics, economics of migration, and labor economics. Evgeniya's dissertation work is a study of the causes and consequences of youth migration in rural Tanzania, with a focus on destination decisions, occupational shifts, and impacts on the households left behind.

  • Development economics
  • Economics of migration

Spring 2023

Principles of Economics — ECON 101
Seminar: Economics and Immigration — ECON 449

Fall 2023

Principles of Economics — ECON 101
Environmental Economics — ECON 231
Environmental Economics — ENVS 231