The End Sum of Surfaces, by Liam Axon ’21, Math Major

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Date Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Time 1:50 pm to 2:10 pm

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The end-sum operation is a way of combining two manifolds of the same dimension. It is similar to the more familiar connected sum, but is less well-studied. The end-sum has been used primarily to create non-compact manifolds with specific properties. Surfaces are some of the simplest manifolds, and so it is natural to ask if one can describe the end-sum of surfaces.

In this talk, I will go over the construction of the end-sum. Then, I will describe the main properties of surfaces, and how they change during an end-sum. 

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Sponsored by the Mathematics Honors Lecture Series

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Terri Pleska, Administrative Assistant 440-775-8380