Study Away Virtual Event: SIT Abroad, Perspectives from the Global South

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Date Monday, November 9, 2020

Time 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm

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Two virtual panel discussions will offer perspectives from the global South.

Development and Inequality beyond Coloniality will convene on November 9.

Description: Throughout the 20th century, the idea of development and inequality was imagined from the perspectives of Western modernity and founded on the principles of progress, individual liberties, and economic wealth.

This panel brings a more critical optic to the colonial lexicon of development and inequality in order to question the dictates of global capitalism and neo-liberal democracies and to imagine viable and transformative alternatives to current global power structures from the perspectives of the Global South. 

Education, Democracy, and Equity after COVID-19 will convene on NOvember 16

Description: COVID-19 has shown the intricate inequality that characterizes local and global access to education. While billions of children in the most part from the Global South have limited access to quality education, their peers from more privileged backgrounds are offered unprecedented opportunities. This situation risks further exacerbation as the economic effects of the pandemic hamper education funding, especially for vulnerable communities. In parallel, this pandemic has shown potential for unprecedented innovation in the education sector and showcased the resilience of communities from the Global South.

This panel will look at the challenges of equality and the possibilities of a promising future in a post-COVID-19 world from the perspective of the Global South with a strong focus on education, equity, and sustainability within modern democracies.