Senior Recital: Beth Ann Jones, double bass

Date, time, location

Friday, May 20, 2022
4:30 pm

Kulas Recital Hall

77 W. College St.
Oberlin, OH 44074

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Free Admission

Watch the webcast  – streamed live at concert time.

A senior recital presented by Beth Ann Jones, double bass live from Kulas Recital Hall.

Conservatory visitors are asked to enter the complex through either Bibbins Hall’s east entrance (off College Place, across from the Oberlin College Bookstore) or the Conservatory Lounge’s west entrance (off S. Professor St., adjacent to the Conservatory Pond). All other entrances will be closed to the public.



 Visages Of Collective Delusion                                                  Beth Ann Jones
    Vapid, Mouth-Breathing    
    Mutterings of Loss                                                              Lance Denzel Gulley
    The Problem Is Yours Alone    

Lance Denzel Gulley, voice

 Preludes for Double Bass                                                       Sofia Gubaidulina
    I. Staccato - Legato     
IV. Ricochet
    VII. Al taco-Da punta D’arcoi
    V. Sul ponticello - Ordinario - Sul tasto
    X. Senza arco


- Intermission -


Process                                                                                                 Steve Lehman

Will Curry, tenor saxophone   Sam Friedman, trumpet
Henry Nelson, guitar   Matei Predescu, piano
Noah Nelson, drums


Naima                                                                                                    John Coltrane        

Milah Brown, viola
Matei Predescu, piano   


Seafloor                                                                                                  Henry Nelson

Henry Nelson, guitar


Oberlin recommends attendance for vaccinated people. Everyone is required to wear a mask indoors at all times. Anyone with symptoms should refrain from attending campus events. Oberlin policies are subject to change based on evolving public health recommendations.

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