Physics & Astronomy Lecture Series: Anna Clausen ’04

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Date Thursday, November 12, 2020

Time 5:00 pm

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The Department of Physics & Astronomy hosts guest speaker Anna Clausen ’04, manufacturing technology specialist at 3M. Her presentation is on the topic ‘‘Flat Optics Beyond the Wafer.’’

This lecture will be presented as a Zoom webinar; register online.



Nanostructured surfaces can be used to shape optical wavefronts and have been studied for many decades in academia. 3M is looking to leverage its knowledge in roll-to-roll processing and surface patterning on polymer films to scale up the manufacturing of nanostructured surfaces to advance a variety of products. I will review some current findings from our collaborators at Harvard University as well as some of the technical challenges to scaling up this process.

Event Contact

Rachel Wysocki (440) 775-8330