Drop-In Hours with Staff Members
For Information and Guidance on Multiple Topics

  • Academic Deadlines
  • Courses
  • Summer Employment
  • Internships
  • Community Engagement
  • Research Opportunities
  • STEM Success
  • Fellowships
  • Graduation Requirements
  • Post-Graduate Employment

Talk through these things and more with knowledgeable staff members between 11:00am and 1:00pm every Wednesday at the Rathskeller, next to Wilder DeCafé.

Drop in on your own or with a friend for personalized, face-to-face meetings with staff from the Academic Advising Resource Center; Bonner Center for Service and Learning; Career Development Center; Center for Learning, Education, and Research in the Sciences; Office of Fellowships and Awards; and Office of Undergraduate Research.

Come by anytime and for any amount of time!

Event Contact

Bo Arbogast
(440) 775-5182

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