Oberlin Stage Left: Student Composers Concert

Date, time, location

Date Sunday, April 18, 2021

Time 2:00 pm

Oberlin Stage Left Large Ensembles, led by Professors Timothy Weiss and Raphael Jiménez, present a concert of original music composed by students in the conservatory composition department. Members of the composition faculty introduce works by first and second year composition students:

Choo Choo   Rolando Gómez
Symbiote Suite   Jerry Achtermann 
Amusement Park   Jacob Richter
Suite for Five   Aaron Lieberman 
An Implausible Assemblage of Lost Artifacts   Graham Lazorchak
Cobblestone Suite   Cashel Day-Lewis
COVID Suite   Jake Berran
...what could've been   Isaac Santos

View the April 18, 2021 Student Composers Concert Program