Date Saturday, December 12, 2020
Time 8:30 pm
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This week on Oberlin Stage Left, Oberlin Conservatory Large Ensembles—Oberlin Orchestra and Oberlin Chamber Orchestra led by Professor Raphael Jiménez, and the Oberlin Contemporary Music Ensemble, led and coached by Professor Tim Weiss, present—


Dragoncello (2008)    Paul Desenne (b. 1959)

Oberlin Orchestra 
Raphael Jiménez, conductor

Luka Stefanovic, Niki Khabbazvahed, Wilson Burnett, Zoë Bell, Maxwell Schultz, Ben Rodriguez, solo cellos
Adam Murphy, Yuyu Ikeda, Safe Jassani, Shannon Mustard, violin I
Johnum Palado, Lucy Kim, Kate Wyly, Caroline Cornell, violin II
Nicolette Cheaure, Jacqui Armbruster, Ilana McNamara, viola
Aaron Lieberman, Maya Ridenour, cello
Wayan Crain, bass


Violin Concerto (2019-20/World Premiere)    Liam Kaplan (b. 1997)

Contemporary Music Ensemble
Timothy Weiss, conductor
Herdis Gudmundsdottir, solo violin

SungKyung Lee, flute I
Daphne te Boekhorst, flute II/piccolo
Aaron McDonald, clarinet I
Alex Swers, clarinet II
Lauren Goff, horn I
Bebe Wagner, horn II
Cassidy Franzmeier, Natalie Hsieh, Pei-Wen Su, violin
Brian Shoop, Kimbo Love, Joia Findeis, viola
Samuel Brinkley, Aviva Frost, Jake Todd, cello
Elliot Shaull-Thompson, bass


Sinfonia da Camera, Op. 8  (1901)    Ermanno Wolf-Ferrari (1876-1948)

    Allegro moderato
    Vivace con spirito

Oberlin Chamber Orchestra
Raphael Jiménez, conductor 

Josephine Lee, flute
Jonathan Kronheimer, oboe
Katia Waxman, clarinet
AJ Neubert, bassoon
Carlianne Simonelli, horn
Ohad Nativ, piano
Yeajin Park, violin I
Erika Aoki, violin II
Alexis Mitrushi, viola
Drew Dansby, cello
Curtis Bird, bass


Leah Brockman, director of ensemble operations
Marjorie Gold, production manager & technical director

View the Oberlin Conservatory Large Ensembles program (PDF)

Due to copyright/broadcast restrictions, this is a one-time-only performance.

Event Contact

Thea Boyd, Oberlin Conservatory Director of Artistic Programming & External Relations

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