Oberlin Stage Left: Oberlin Conservatory Large Ensembles

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Date Saturday, April 24, 2021

Time 7:00 pm

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Stage Left presents Oberlin Conservatory Large Ensembles led by Professors Timothy Weiss and Raphael Jiménez:

Caracas  (World Premiere)  Victor Márquez-Barrios (b. 1977)

Silver  (World Premiere)  Reinaldo Moya (b. 1984)

Light, Line, Shadow  Pierre Jalbert '89 (b. 1967)

Quark Dances  (North American Premiere)  Cheryl Frances-Hoad (b. 1980)

Metamorphosis of Narcissus  Gity Razaz (b. 1986)

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Victor Márquez-Barrios
Reinaldo Moya
Pierre Jalbert
Cheryl Frances-Hoad
Gity Razaz


Saturday Stage Left Large Ensemble performances are presented one time only due to copyright/broadcast restrictions. Use your Backstage Pass to view selections from previous Large Ensemble broadcasts.