Meet an Obie!: Making New Connections From a Distance

Date, time, location

Wednesday, May 6, 2020
8:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Zoom: https://oberlin.zoom.us/j/92226330888

This is a virtual hangout for Obies to connect and to meet new people while maintaining social distance during these confusing times. We are excited about this unique opportunity to bring Obies together who may not get the chance to interact otherwise!

Obies who choose to join will be welcomed in by a facilitator and then placed in a breakout room with the next  Obie who enters the hangout. We will provide some simple guidelines and potential conversation starters.

We want to make this hangout as welcoming as possible so please respect one another’s identities while acknowledging that we’re all coming from different backgrounds and places of knowledge.

Let us know if ‘Meet an Obie’ is something you’d like to see more of or if you have any other ideas for us at the Peer Support Center for supportive activities to facilitate connection during this funky time.

Find us on facebook or send email to peer.support@oberlin.edu.

Event Contact

Oberlin College Peer Support Center