Date Friday, October 27, 2017
Time 2:45 pm to 5:00 pm
Location King Building, 101

10 N. Professor St.
Oberlin, OH 44074

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Please join the Education Outreach Programs Office and the Education Leadership Team in sharing a session from the Read, Write, Act Conference 2017, presented by SCALE (Student Coalition for Action in Literacy Education).  The session is "Information Literacy and Fake News: How to Combat Disinformation in the Era of #Alternativefacts."

While “fake news” has been around more or less since the advent of mass communication, there has been a significant spike in recent history, largely do to the prevalence of Internet access. What we once identified as yellow journalism, tabloid journalism, and the like has taken a shift, mimicking legitimate news sites in a way that certain populations do not know how to–or do not care to–differentiate from fact.

As a result of this discussion, people have also begun to become increasingly aware of the importance of information literacy. While this is not a new conversation among information professionals and educators, it may be a relatively recent concept for the communities that we work with. We believe this is an essential survival skill for the promotion of effective civic engagement in our current era of alternative facts.

Join two MLIS candidates from Syracuse University’s School of Information Studies as they explore the phenomenon surrounding fake news and posit potential ways to promote information literacy. This discussion will include a historical overview of these concepts and a close look at how information is relayed and received in the digital age. Additionally, we will provide methods of identifying fake news and teaching digital literacy to communities. Our hope is to conclude with a look at current practices and a conversation about where we can promote continued growth in this area.

The session will take place via livestream, which will begin promptly at 3 pm.  Students who wish to pose questions or participate in live polls during the livestream should bring a laptop computer.  The program will also be shared on the large screen.  

Light refreshments will also be served starting at 2:45 pm. 


Event Contact

Susan Pavlus

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