Date Friday, November 2, 2018
Time 12:00 pm to 6:05 pm
Location Science Center, various

119 Woodland St.
Oberlin, OH 44074

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The Office of Undergraduate Research and the Center for Learning, Education, and Research in the Sciences present a Celebration of Undergraduate Research at Oberlin College: A one-day conference featuring the summer 2018 research of Oberlin students. 

Student researchers will give oral presentations of their work as well as present posters that detail their various research projects.


Panel 1 · DISEASE | PROGESSION · Science Center A154

Chelsea Munster
Late Onset Oxygen Requirement Following Neonatal Therapeutic Hypothermia

Taylor Denise Andrews STRONG
Mitochondrial Dysfunction of Bipolar Disorder: Investigating TSPO

Janet Wu
Functional Stemness of Transformed Endothelial Cells in Glioblastoma Multiforme

Adriano Atallah
Direct Measurements of Non-ideal Osmotic Pressure in Articular Cartilage

Panel 2 · ENIRONMENTAL | SUSTAINABILITY · Science Center A155

Julia Halm
Trophic Assignment Using Lipid Profiles, Stable Isotopes, Gut Content Analysis, and Mercury Concentration in Maryland's Coastal Bays

Zachary Vaughn
Synthesis and Polymerization of a Renewable Epoxide

Nia Daids OCRF
A Comparative Analysis of Water Contaminants in Communities near Military Bases

Panel 3 · EVOLUTIONARY | SUSTAINABILITY · Science Center A155

Diep Nguyen
A Comparative Analysis of Methods for Transcriptional Regulatory Network Inference from Single-Cell RNA-Seq Data

Linnea Fraser
Mechanisms of Reinforcement in Campanula Americana

Ellie Tiley
Investigating Susceptibility and Virulence Factor Interactions in a Plant-Virus Infection



Panel 4 · LOCAL | KNOWLEDGE · Science Center A254

Emmanuel Navarro MMUF
The Activist Chronicle and the Tlatelolco Massacre: Towards a Multiplicity of Chronicle Types

Jacques Forbes MMUF
How Do Black Americans Talk about Personal Responsibility?

Mobey Irizarry Lambright MMUF
Catastrophe Cypher: Puerto Rican Hip Hop after Hurricane Maria

Santiago Roman
Environmental Justice and Local Knowledge in Africatown, Alabama

Panel 5 · HISTORICAL | AESTHETICS · Science Center A255

Lexi Trikoulis MMUF
Tragic Magic: Women and Witchcraft in 5th c BCE Athenian Tragedy

Maya Rose Bater OCRF
María Josefa Sánchez and her Mysterious Mystical Crosses

Colin Sanborn MMUF
The Disabled Sitter in Golden Age Spanish Portraiture

Jules Greene OCRF
Medievalism and the Anti-Imperialist Discourse of Power in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Panel 6 · RISK | POWER · Science Center A154

Melvin R. Briggs OCRF
Do Bistrategic Controllers Attain the Highest Levels of Popularity among Pre-Adolescents?

Eli Silverman-Lloyd
Risk-Taking, Openness, and Latent Semantic Processes in Convergent Creative ThinkinG

Yuan Cui and Ezra Goss
Returns on Privacy: Phase Transitions in Repeated Sales

Panel 7 · EDUCATIONAL | SPACES · Science Center A155

Le'Priya White MMUF
Queer Fashion within Hegemonic Institutions: The Development of a Queer and Trans* People of Color at Predominantly White Colleges and Universities

Eder Aguilar MMUF
We All Want to Graduate: Latinx Student Success at Oberlin College

CJ Kwanin OCRF
Discovering Patterns in High School Dropout Rates

Nae McClain MMUF
Curriculum Matters: How the Availability of Ethnic Studies Courses Can Impact the Academic Achievement of African American Students in High Schools

Panel 8 · INTERDISCIPLINARY | MUSIC · Science Center A154

Mohit Dubey
Versatile Scaling for Neurally Inspired Auditory Source Separation

Rachel Gibson OCRF
A Never-Ending Duet: The Intertwinement of Zen Buddhism and the Music Notation of John Cage

Zoe Swann
Drum-playing Modulates the Post-auricular Muscle Response: Intention or Attention?

Karisma Palmore OCRF
Using Spectral Analysis to Inform Flute Playing

Panel 9 · OCEANIC | ENVIRONMENTS · Science Center A155

Jane Sedlak
Where is Marine Methane Coming From? Using Isotope Fingerprints to Solve the Marine Methane Paradox

Sarah Hampton
An Investigation of the Catalina Garnet-Blueschist: Major and Trace Element Composition and Zoning in Garnet and Lawsonite from a Multiply Subducted Block

Rowan Lee
The Influence of Callianassid Shrimp on the Potential Fossil Record of Mollusks in a Carbonate Lagoon (St. Croix, USVI)

Kaitlyn Tonra
Coralline Algae as an Intermediate Host for Gametophyte Stage of Saccharina sessilis


Panel 10 ·  POLITICAL | ECONOMY · Science Center A254

Samuel Paul OCRF
Different Paths to the Same Failure: French and American Involvement in Vietnam 1945-1975

Priyanka Sen OCRF
‘Made in Bangladesh’: The Politics of Fast Fashion and Its Impact on Labor in Bangladesh’s Ready-Made Garment Industry

Yan Lu
Transition Strategies Used by Other Foreign Port Cities and Future Possible Development Strategies for Baoshan’s Economic Driven By Wusong International Cruise Port


Panel 11 · STRUCTURAL | MODELS · Science Center A255

He Ren
Validation of Rosetta Residue Disorder Method on Dynamic Systems

Andrew Sugarman
Hacking the Viral Mechanisms of HIV Using Molecular Dynamics Simulations

Daniel Mukasa STRONG
Electron Transport in Correlated Thin Film Oxides

Shana Li
Considering Spin in Analytic Solutions to Binary Inspirals Using the Dynamical Renormalization Group Formalism


Panel 12 · METABOLIC | HEALTH · Science Center A247 (Neuroscience Seminar Room)

Ritesh K. Isuri OCRF
Generating FAHFA Probes to Study Lipid Metabolism and Lipid-Protein Interactions

Sabrina DeLeonibus
Gut Microbiota Mediated Metabolites Alter Lymphatic Inflammation Mechanisms

Joy Udoh OCRF
Effect of Acute Exercise on Mitochondrial Dynamics in the Heart


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Diana Tebo

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