Date Friday, October 27, 2017
Time 3:00 pm to 5:50 pm
Location Science Center

119 Woodland St.
Oberlin, OH 44074

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The Office of Undergraduate Research and the Center for Learning, Education, and Research in the Sciences present a Celebration of Undergraduate Research at Oberlin College: A one-day conference featuring the summer 2017 research of Oberlin College students. Student researchers will give oral presentations of their work as well as present posters that detail their various research projects.


Panel 1 · DISEASE | ENVIRONMENTS · Science Center A154
Moderator: Mary Garvin, professor of biology

Rachael Branscomb
Prolactin Receptor Signaling in the Pancreatic β-cell: The Role of STAT5

Craig Joaquin Blair
Evidence of the Dilution Effect: Biodiversity in Forest Communities Reduces Endoparasite Infection of Mammalian Hosts

Socrates Bassuk
A Search for an ATM Gene Mutation in Maize

Abigail McCrea
Effects of Vegetation and Competition on the Development of Vector Species Aedes Albopictus and Culex Pipiens

Panel 2 · HEALTH | DISPARITIES · Science Center A155
Moderator: Nicollette Mitchell, Howard Hughes Medical Institute Inclusive Excellence STEM Fellow

Cecelia Longo
Transgender Prisoner Rights in Public Prisons

Le'Priya White MMUF
Environmental Racism and Sexual Health: Explorations of Inequity within Historically Disenfranchised Communities

Nia Daids OCRF
Raising Babies, Raising Communities: Environment and Infant Mortality Disparities in Cleveland

Aaron L. Henry
Religion and Re-Articulations: Exploring Health-Seeking Behavior of Diabetes Patients from the Jamestown and Ushertown Districts, Ghana

Panel 3 · PHYSICAL | SCIENCE · Science Center A247 (Neuroscience Seminar Room)
Moderator: Jason Stalnaker, associate professor of physics

Dominic Bosco
Understanding Collective Motion: Jamming and Crowd Dynamics

Shana Li
Pulsar Searching at NAOC and FAST Site, China

Katie Rigdon and Isaac Hietanen
Hydrogen Isotopic Gas Separation in Metal Organic Frameworks

Daniel Mukasa
Local Chemical Environments in Magnetic “High Entropy” Alloys

Panel 4 · SOUND | SCIENCE · Science Center A254
Moderator: Joseph Lubben, associate professor of music theory

Karisma Palmore OCRF
Music from the inside Out: Singing through the Flute

Mohit Dubey
Does Phase Matter for Monaural Source Separation?

Pedro Ribeiro
Sound Classification with Convolutional Neural Networks


Panel 5 · ART | HISTORY · Science Center A247 (Neuroscience Seminar Room)
Moderator: Matthew Rarey, assistant professor of art history

Colin Sanborn MMUF
The Disabled Subject in the Art of Golden Age Spain

Elka Lee-Shapiro MMUF
Interrogating Chineseness: David Diao's Da Hen Li House Cycle (2008)

Brandi Lee Metzger MMUF
Contextualizing Jewelle Gomez's The Gilda Stories within a Black (Queer) Literary and Cultural Tradition

Shang Yasuda OCRF
Historical Memory of the Flying Tigers: Transnational Narratives of a World War II Collaboration

Panel 6 · DIGITAL | RESOURCES · Science Center A255
Moderator: Cortney Smith, Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow in Rhetoric and Composition

Ethan Ableman
Assessing the Impact of Environmental Dashboard Digital Signage in Downtown Oberlin

Tess Jewell
Evaluation of Online Patient Resources for Differences/Disorders of Sex Development

Elly Higgins
Go Fund Inequality: Trans Healthcare Online

Yasmeen Mussard-Afcari MMUF
Creating Barriers to Determination of Structurally Cohesive Subgroups

Panel 7 · EDUCATIONAL | ACCESS · Science Center A155
Moderator: Khalid Taylor, student life program coordinator in the Multicultural Resource Center

Andre Jamal Cardine Jr. OCRF
Chicago Renaissance: Activism in Chicago's Music Scene

Niya Smith-Wilson OCRF
“It Takes a Village”: How the Investment in Self, Community, and Environment Can Influence Low-Income Black Children to Succeed

Brian Cabral MMUF
…The Struggle Continues: An Analysis of Chicago City Politics, Education Policy, and the Experiences of Young Mexican and Mexican-American Men from Social Justice High School

Thobeka Mnisi OCRF
Unusual Challenges: An Exploration of the Effects of South Africa’s Linguistic Diversity on Academic Success

Panel 8 · MEDICAL | INTERVENTIONS · Science Center A254
Moderator: Marcelo Vinces, director of the Center for Learning, Education and Research in the Sciences

Ammar Mohamed AboEl-Naga
Safety and Efficacy of Rifaximin in Prophylaxis of Spontaneous Bacterial Peritonitis in Cirrhotic Patients: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Francesca Cumo
Non-EMS PICU Admissions: Why Not 911?

Panel 9 · POLITICAL | POSITIONING · Science Center A154
Moderator: Jennifer García, assistant professor of politics 

Emmanuel Navarro MMUF
Variations of Documentation by Chronicles and Newspapers of Mexico’s 1968 Tlatelolco Massacre

Guillermo Irizarry Lambright MMUF
Piedras y Promesas: Musical Resistance to the Debt Crisis in Puerto Rico

Samuel Paul OCRF
Adaptation to Migration: The Great Migration and Its Impact on Chicago Politics from 1900-1920

Monique Newton MMUF
Myth vs. Reality: Uncovering the Causes of African American Voter Turnout in American Cities 

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Diana Tebo

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