Artist Talk with Roya Amigh

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Date Thursday, April 15, 2021

Time 1:45 pm

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Free to the public

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Please join the art department with for this artist talk with Roya Amigh. Roya explains: “My work narrates real events and their effects on women’s everyday lives from a third-person perspective. I integrate these collective memories with folktales and classic Iranian literature. Most of the classical literature, written by men, has Female subjugation and loss of self-determination, but the folktales, mostly narrated by women, have the liberation of sexuality. I use this gender differentiation, interlocked with the erotic desires and frustrations in response to social values, in my work narration.”

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For more information on the work of this artist, visit their website.

This event is presented with support from the Ellen H. Johnson Endowment for Contemporary Art.