Oberlin College is committed to giving all community members the skills to recognize and prevent sexual or gender-based discrimination, harassment, misconduct, and violence. To achieve this goal, the Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion organizes ongoing education and awareness programs for students, staff and faculty.

All new and transfer students and all new employees receive education in primary prevention and awareness of sexual violence and discrimination/harassment that include:

  • A statement that the institution prohibits sexual and or gender-based harassment, discrimination and violence, including sexual violence, stalking, and intimate partner violence
  • The definition of prohibited conduct under college policy and state law
  • The definition of consent
  • A description of safe and positive options for bystander intervention
  • Information on risk reduction
  • Information on how to recognize warning signs of abusive behavior
  • Options and resources for reporting sexual violence or discrimination/harassment

Additionally, employees who play a key role in implementing the Sexual Misconduct Policy and who are likely to receive reports of sexual violence or discrimination/harassment receive in-depth annual training how to best provide support and an effective institutional response.

The office also raises awareness by organizing or supporting campus events. Learn more about past and upcoming events....

Student Initiatives

Oberlin students play a large part in Oberlin's prevention education program.
PRSM (Preventing and Responding to Sexual Misconduct) is staffed by students and conducts the workshops that are offered to students. Other student organizations, such as the SIC, ELC, and MRC, also offer programming about sexual violence, gender, privilege and oppression, community accountability, and more on campus. Learn more about PRSM.