Sexual misconduct affects the whole community, and for this reason the Sexual Misconduct Policy directs any member of the campus community who is aware of an incident of sexual misconduct to make a report to Rebecca Mosely, Title IX coordinator. Required reporting isn't meant to undermine the survivor’s ability to choose how to respond to experiences of sexual misconduct, but rather to make sure that survivors are fully empowered and informed about options for support and safety. Required reporting is an important tool that helps create a campus climate that challenges silence about sexualized violence.

Reports can be made to:

Rebecca Mosely, Title IX coordinator

You can make an anonymous report to Rebecca Mosely concerning an act of sexual and/or gender-based harassment, discrimination and violence, including sexual violence, stalking and intimate partner violence. Be aware that the amount of information you provide to Rebecca may limit the college’s ability to respond to your report. Anonymous reports can be submitted in writing through campus mail to Rebecca Mosely, Carnegie Building 204 or online.

Under Ohio law, you are required to report an incident if it involves suspected abuse or neglect involving a minor under the age of 18. If a child is in immediate danger, call 911. If there is no immediate danger, contact the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services hotline 855-642-4453.

Not sure what to say to someone who discloses information to you? Find tips on the Third Party FAQ web page.

Responsible Employees

While all members of the campus community are expected to report incidents of sexual misconduct to the Title IX coordinator, responsible employees who become aware of potential misconduct are required to make reports promptly as a condition of employment. Responsible employees include:

  • All employees who serve in supervisory positions, whether paid or unpaid.
  • Anyone who has the authority to hire, promote, discipline, evaluate, grade or direct faculty, staff or students.
  • Everyone who manages or supervises others, including (but not limited to) faculty department program chairs, teaching faculty, resident advisors, coaches.
  • Anyone who leads, administers, advises or directs college programs.
  • Student employees or student volunteers who have the responsibility for the welfare of other students.

For more information about your responsibility as a responsible employee, contact Rebecca Mosely.

Not sure how to respond? Find tips on the Third Party FAQ web page.