Based in the investigator's report, the Hearing Coordinator, in consultation with the Title IX coordinator, and possibly the Title IX team, will review the report and make a threshold determination about whether there is sufficient factual information to move forward with a formal resolution. This threshold determination does not involve making a determination of responsibility, and does not involve assessing the credibility of the parties.

If the threshold has been established, the Hearing Coordinator will issue a notification letter to the responding party and the reporting party, and refer the report for the appropriate formal resolution process.

If the threshold is not established (as in, no evidence which could support a policy violation) the reporting party and responding party will be notified in writing. This decision may be appealed within 5 business days.

The Title IX team always has the discretion to determine if additional measures are necessary to achieve resolution or provide support for the parties. In a report where the investigation does not move forward to formal resolution, informal resolution may be an appropriate course of action.