Sometimes the college may impose temporary measures to stabilize the situation, stop the sexual misconduct, support the people involved in the report and the community, and protect the integrity of the investigation. These measures, called Interim Measures, are available to both the person who made the report (the reporting party) and the person named in the report (the responding party), and can be put in place by the college whether the report is resolved informally or formally. Examples of Interim Measures are:

  • Access to counseling services and assistance in setting up an initial appointment
  • Medical services
  • An order of no contact for the people involved in the report (see more below)
  • A campus no trespass order
  • Security assistance (for example, security escorts, increased patrols, accompanying a student during an interview with OPD, etc.)
  • Transportation assistance
  • Academic accommodations that are made with agreement of the appropriate faculty who will not be informed of the specific reason for the request with permission of the student (for example rescheduling exams and assignments,providing alternative course completion options, changes in class schedule)
  • Academic support services, such as tutoring
  • Changes in work schedule or job assignment
  • Residence modifications, such as changes in on-campus housing, dissolution of a housing contract and pro-rating a refund in accordance with campus housing policies, assistance from college support staff in completing housing relocation
  • Limiting an individual or organization's access to certain college facilities or activities pending resolution of the matter
  • Voluntary leave of absence
  • Interim suspension or college-imposed leave (see more below)

More about No Contact Orders

A No Contact Order is a directive from the college that prohibits people named in a report from contacting each other, either in person, through a third party, or through written or electronic communication. A No Contact Order can be amended or removed as more information is gathered about the incident, and either involved party can request a No Contact Order. The college may also impose an order based on information that was gathered during the initial report. The college will act swiftly when a No Contact Order is violated, and in some cases, even when no fault is found in the report of sexual misconduct, the college may take disciplinary action for No Contact violations.

More about Interim Suspension

The college may place a student or student organization on interim suspension when the report of sexual and or gender-based harassment, discrimination and violence poses a substantial threat to an individual, members of the campus community, or the college. Employees may be placed on administrative leave or suspended depending on their employment classification. It's possible that the suspension will continue even after the report is resolved. When interim suspension or leave is imposed, the college will make reasonable efforts to complete the investigation quickly.