When the initial Title IX assessment determines that informal resolution is an option, the college will take action to end the hostile environment and to be sure the reporting party has access to all employment, educational, and extracurricular opportunities at the college. Informal resolution does not involve a formal adjudication process so it does not result in disciplinary action against the responding party.

Participation in informal resolution is voluntary for all parties, and a reporting party can request to end informal resolution at any time. At that time, the report may be referred for formal resolution.

In addition to the range of interim measures we've described, the college may also:

  • Provide training and educational programming for relevant individuals and groups;
  • Provide increased monitoring, supervision or security at locations or activities where the misconduct occurred;
  • Facilitate a meeting with the responding party with the agreement of both parties, with both parties present or through indirect action by the Title IX coordinator; and,
  • Any other remedy that can be tailored to the people who are involved individuals.

Depending on the form of informal resolution used, it may be possible for the reporting party and witnesses to remain anonymous.

Mediation, even if voluntary, may not be used in cases involving sexual assault. The college will not compel a reporting party to engage in mediation, to directly confront the responding party, or to participate in any particular form of informal resolution.