All parties involved in a grievance procedure are entitled to advice and support during the process. The parties may also consult the Title IX coordinator, who does not participate directly in the grievance process once it reaches the formal resolution stage. Attorneys may not participate in the proceedings outside of the role of advisor as described below:

  1. Advisor: The reporting party and responding party may choose to be assisted by an advisor of their choice. They may choose their own advisor, or choose from a list of campus members who have undergone Title IX training to guide someone through the pre-hearing and hearing process. The advisor may accompany the party to any college investigative, administrative meeting, or hearing.
  2. Support Person: A reporting party and responding party may also choose to be assisted by an emotional support person of their choice. The support person is a silent and non-participating presence who is there solely to observe and provide moral support during the hearing itself.
  3. Role of the Attorney/Outside Agreements: The college prohibits outside attorneys, or family members acting as attorneys, from participating in proceedings in any manner other than the role of advisor outlined above. As noted, parties have a right to an advisor of their choice, and may choose an attorney to fill this role at their own expense.