The legal reporting requirements vary for each resource listed on this page and are explained under the heading NEED TO KNOW.

In all cases, however, the resources are required to report information to law enforcement if they believe there is a threat of immediate harm to the individual or to others or if there is a suspicion of abuse of a minor under the age of 18. Remember: you can always ask someone what their reporting requirements are before talking to them about your experience of sexual misconduct.

NEED TO KNOW: Preserving evidence can help prove an incident of sexual misconduct. Do not take a shower or change your clothes before you seek medical attention. Do not delete electronic communication, pictures or videos that can help prove what happened, even if you aren't sure you'll report the incident.

The Counseling Center
140 West College St., Dascomb Hall, Suite B, 440-775-8470

The Counseling Center provides psychological support to Oberlin students on a short-term basis and gives referrals to private counselors in the Oberlin area if necessary. The center is funded through tuition, and there are no fees to Oberlin students, though students are responsible for the cost of external services.

NEED TO KNOW: In Ohio, professional counselors are not required to report sexual misconduct.

Student Health Services
140 West College St., Dascomb Hall, Suite B 

Student Health Services provides primary care services and follow-up care to Oberlin students for a broad spectrum of illnesses and injuries including men's and women's health services.

NEED TO KNOW: In the state of Ohio medical professionals have legally mandated reporting responsibilities. However, if you’re not ready to report an incident of sexualized violence or speak to the police, the medical professional will create a report without your name that contains general information such as time, date and location of the incident. While Student Health Services is required to notify law enforcement under limited circumstances, they will not notify the college without your consent.

Office of Religious and Spiritual Life
Wilder Hall Room 217 

The Office of Religious and Spiritual Life is a multifaith resource center that supports religious practice, education, service, and activism, and provides spiritual support and counseling. 

NEED TO KNOW: Members of clergy (representatives of an officially recognized faith) offering support or ministry in their official capacity of providing spiritual counsel, they are not required to report sexual misconduct.

Confidential Advocate
by appointment in Peters G24
or through the Nord Sexual Assault Services Hotline 440-204-4359

Melissa Counts is an advocate with Nord Sexual Assault Services who comes to campus on Wednesday and Thursday to provide acute crisis services and on-going support to individuals who have experienced sexual harm.

NEED TO KNOW: Melissa will not report anything you say to the college. If you decide to make a report to the college, Melissa may be available to support you while you do.