The Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion administers the Sexual Misconduct Policy and the Policy on Discrimination and Harassment. These policies give students, staff, and faculty protections and the right to an educational environment free from hostile and discriminatory behavior.

The Sexual Misconduct Policy  was last revised in 2012-2014 by the Sexual Offense Task Force. The Title IX Team reviews the policy annually to make sure it reflects people's experiences and concerns, and is compliant with legal guidelines. Any major changes must be approved by the General Faculty. Any questions about the Sexual Misconduct Policy should be sent to the Title IX Coordinator.

Rebecca Mosely, Title IX Coordinator
Carnegie Building 204

The latest revisions of Oberlin's Policy on Discrimination and Harassment  passed in January 2015. It is reviewed at least every two years by the Equity and Diversity Committee, and any proposed edits go through the Vice President, General Counsel, and Secretary. Any questions about the Policy on Discrimination and Harassment should be sent to the Title IX Coordinator and or the Section 504/ADA Coordinator.

Elizabeth Hamilton, Section 504/ADA Coordinator
Peters 217

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