Oberlin Recycling

Recycling in Oberlin is mandatory.

A 64-gallon cart with a blue lid is provided to all residences by the City for all recyclable materials. Place recyclables loose and unbagged in your recycling cart. NO SORTING REQUIRED! Please empty and rinse all dirty containers; empty and flatten all boxes and remove packaging materials. Do not include broken glass. Plastic lids can be recycled inside its plastic container. No straws.

  • Recycling collection is done by the city and takes place on the same day as your trash collection. Call the Public Works Department to find out your street's pickup day (440-775-7218). 
  • Place your recycling and trash bins a few feet away from one another for easier pick-up.
  • Put your recycled materials on the curb the night before pickup. No later than 6 a.m. on collection day, no earlier than noon on the previous day.
  • Be nice to the people who pick up your recycling.

If you have additional questions, please contact Lori Sprosty , city recycling coordinator at (440) 935-0096.