Pathfinder Program for Entrepreneurs

Discover the path to your entrepreneurial success with the Pathfinder program. Have a vision? Let’s shape it together!

Whether you’re sketching the first lines of a business idea or refining an existing pitch, our exclusive Pathfinder program will accelerate you. This program is designed for entrepreneurs who are on the brink of brilliance but need that little push and guiding structure.

Why Choose the Pathfinder Program?

Avoid Common Pitfalls

Too many ventures rush towards funding and scaling, only to be halted by errors that could have been sidestepped. Additionally, creating a startup can be overwhelming, so creating a roadmap helps to plan and prioritize your next steps. If it doesn’t sparkle on paper, the real world will be even more challenging. We’ll help guide you in a risk-free environment to strengthen your idea.

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Your Journey with Us

A student explains something to 2 staff members at a table. In the background is a board with sticky notes on it.
An Oberlin entrepreneur works with staff to develop a business pitch.
  1. Pitch & Learn: Begin with a 10-15 minute pitch video. We’ll provide a detailed evaluation based on our unique 10-point assessment, giving you tangible steps to hone your pitch.

  2. Iterate & Evolve: Adjustments are the essence of progress. Re-submit your refined pitch, and witness our commitment as we guide your progress with further feedback.

  3. Elevate & Connect: With a polished idea, it’s time to dress it up! We’ll assist you in producing a stellar pitch video, giving you the tools to enthrall potential partners and backers. 

Unlock Unparalleled Opportunities

As you evolve with us, a plethora of resources and support awaits to help transition from a compelling pitch to a thriving venture.

Become a Pathfinder

Want to advance that idea? It’s your turn to step up. Learn, iterate, and succeed as you navigate the intricate world of entrepreneurship. Bring your ideas to life with us!

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