Engage Project


Below is a glossary of terms related to the Engage Project. These terms focus on project structure, processes and technology.

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academic advisors

Collective term for faculty or professional staff who are assigned to individual students for the purpose of helping and advising students on academic matters. In the College of Arts and Sciences, students are assigned a faculty advisor in their major when they declare a major. Sometimes faculty advisors are assigned to students who have not yet declared a major based on their initial interests. Professional staff members sometimes serve as advisors until a student declares a major at which time they are assigned a faculty advisor in their major. In the Conservatory of Music, students enter with a major and are assigned a faculty advisor upon entrance.


An organization record. business, college, high school record

advanced find 

A search tool that can be used to perform queries within Engage to extract data.


The vendor that produces the software tool Engage.


Business Process Flow

tracking an entity through a series of steps in a process; viewed as a “process bar”



text-based live communication 


a computer program designed to automate answers to  frequently asked questions by simulating human conversation

communication journey

Campus Management and Oberlin's preferred term for an automated communication plan consisting of a series of touch points triggered by a database action or student/faculty/staff input.


Person record: student, faculty, staff; could have many relationships


communications and relationship management (sometimes referred to as customer relationship management)



Collection of views to push information or to-dos to a user. Interchangeable with workspace. Academic Advising Dashboard, Student Dashboard


email templates

Templates are constructed with a drag-and-drop editor or populated with HTML


Oberlin-preferred term for the software tool. Called "Anthology Reach" by the software vendor.


Full Event Management suite to organize, promote, register, and execute unpaid events.



page layout for collection or display of data


goals of the Engage Project

There are three primary goals of the Engage Project implementation, derived from the One Oberlin report: to improve student experience, student success and retention, and operational effectiveness.



Business process flow for a student

•     Tracked & tied to the contact

•     Progress through lifecycles can be automated or driven manually


PAL Program

PAL is an abbreviation for Peer Advising Leaders. The PAL Program aims to create a sense of community among first-year students and help them make the most of their first-year educational experience.

PAL Advisors

PAL is an abbreviation for Peer Advising Leaders. These are student peers who have been trained to support first-years to navigate orientation and the fall semester. PALs will help first-year students use Oberlin’s academic and developmental advising system to its full potential.



The software name is "Anthology Reach." See Engage.

retention rate

Retention rate is the percentage of a school's first-time, first-year undergraduate students who continue at that school the next year. For example, a student who studies full-time in the fall semester and continues studying in the program in the next fall semester is counted in this rate.



A segment, or targeted student population, is a group of contact records designed to receive a communication; built within the logic-builder

SHARE program 

SHARE is an abbreviation for Student Help And Resource Exchange. SHARE promotes student success by providing a forum for faculty, staff, and students to share concerns, supporting a collaborative approach, and providing opportunities for meaningful interactions.

SHARE advisors

Professional staff advisors that support the SHARE program. See SHARE program.

SHARE form

A form available to students, faculty, staff, and others who wish to refer a student who maybe struggling emotionally, academically, or is exhibiting other concerning behavior. You can fill out this form anonymously as it does not violate the privacy rights of students.


SOAR is an abbreviation for Sophomore Opportunities and Academic Resources. SOAR connects sophomores with professors and students in their intended major, linking their major to careers and internship opportunities. SOAR participants make a plan for the next five semesters and beyond.


winter term

During winter term, some students pursue winter-term projects outside of Oberlin’s regular semester course offerings through a four-week immersive experience during the month of January. Winter-term projects can be independent or group projects and can take place on Oberlin’s campus or around the world.


Collection of views to push information or to-dos to a user. Interchangeable with Dashboard. Academic Advising Workspace, Student Workspace