Engage Project


Answers to Engage Project Frequently Asked Questions

The Engage Project is an initiative that will improve the Oberlin College student experience, student success and retention, and operational effectiveness through the implementation of a communication and relationship management tool called Engage.

Engage is a cloud-based communication and relationship management tool that will that will be used to communicate and manage connectivity with students. It will replace AdviseStream and add additional functionality to improve the student experience with academic advising, support student academic success, and make communications between students and the college more efficient and effective.

One Oberlin captures a culture that many of the AAPR recommendations are designed to foster, one marked by new forms of collaboration among different elements of the Oberlin community. The Engage Project seeks to offer some of those new collaborative tools that will enable us to capitalize on the collective power of Oberlin’s strengths and programs that mutually support one another and the larger goals of the institution.

  • It allows students to expand their communication preferences. Students can select their preferred method of communication from a variety of options such as text messaging, self-service workspace, or email.
  • It’s personalized, based on each individual’s academic needs. It provides custom information tailored to each student’s specific college journey, including to-do lists and automatic reminders when they need to take action.
  • It displays academic advising resources in one place. It makes it easier for advisors to find resources online by linking academic advising resources in one workspace location. This replaces some paper forms, displays relevant academic advising Banner data, and links to other systems such as Degree Works and OnBase.
  • It aggregates data used for decision making. Engage can be used to analyze data to gain new insight into processes, course and program offerings, and student outcomes, allowing for informed decision making.

The recommendations from One Oberlin call for improvements in the student experience, student success and retention, and operational effectiveness. The Engage Project directly supports this recommendation through implementation of software that more efficiently connects administrators with resources, data, and communication tools that will enhance the student academic journey. 

Engage was selected after a year-long evaluation process with a cross-functional team of campus stakeholders who work closely with students in academic advising, course registration, and academic support services.

Phase 1, whose primary goals are to replace AdviseStream functionality and to improve first year student communication, will kick off in January 2020 and will launch in August 2020.

There will be no change in academic processes due to the Engage implementation, but some administrative processes may change. The Engage Implementation team will work with units across campus to develop new processes as needed and plan for appropriate communication and training.

The Engage implementation teams will work closely with faculty, staff, and students to make sure we’re bringing the right cross section of people to project meetings and focus groups. In order for us to design future-state processes, we need and value input from members across the college community.

Please use the Engage Project email address to submit your questions and comments: engage@oberlin.edu