Oberlin College offers an automated messaging system in the event of a campus emergency. This is in addition to its regular website announcements and paper postings. The system uses multiple delivery methods (i.e., voice messages to land and cell phones, e-mails, and text messages to cell phones and to TTY/TTD devices for the hearing impaired) to provide information to students and employees. Employee office phone numbers and college e-mail addresses on file with human resources, student college e-mail addresses and phone numbers provided are entered into the database. 

Up to 6 phone numbers and 2 e-mail addresses may be customized by the individual employee or student by using the assigned T-number and e-mail address through the Office of Safety and Security.  By visiting the Emergency Alert System website, you may verify and customize your personal contact information directly.

At the end of spring semester, student contacts are removed from the system and must be re-entered when checking in for fall semester. Students on campus during the summer should re-enter their preferred numbers after June 1.