Meal Service while in Quarantine

What to expect

Upon arrival on campus, students (during check-in) will receive grocery bags containing shelf-stable items that will be served at room temperature.  There will be three variations- vegan, allergen sensitive, and no restrictions. All bags consist of 2,500 calories and have high-protein items. You can see the items that will be included below.

Bagged Meal Options

Meal plans start for everyone on the day that they arrive on campus and begin their quarantine period.  In the spirit of the Community Agreement that all students will have signed by the date of arrival, students must commit to quarantine instructions and not leave their rooms for reasons other than to take meals in the dining hall(s). Stevenson Hall will be open for early arrivals; other dining halls will come online gradually as the campus population grows beginning August 23. 

Students will visit the dining halls during appointed times to maintain social distancing.  These times will be communicated to you during the check-in process upon arrival to campus; designated meal times are based on residence hall assignments. Students should pick up their meals and a beverage, and then return to their rooms to enjoy them.

Self-service buffets and salad bars have been replaced with individually portioned meals at attended stations and guest capacity has been modified in the serving areas. Menus have been created with speed-of-service in mind.