Dining at Oberlin includes interlinked goals of quality, community, value, sustainability, and access.

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Dining Locations

All of our dining locations accept board meals. Click through to each location for details on what is included with a board meal at each location.

Each time you use a board meal at a dining location, one meal is deducted from your total. Your total is either by semester or by week, depending on which meal plan you are on. Meals do not roll over from week to week, or semester to semester. On the weekly plans, your total resets each Monday morning.

Usage Restrictions

If you are on a semester meal plan, you can use up to 4 meals per day, with no restrictions by period. Use multiple meals at a time if you wish.

If you are on a weekly meal plan, you can use 1 meal per period:

Meal Periods
Period Times
Breakfast 8 am - 10 am
Lunch 11 am - 1 pm
Dinner 5 pm - 7 pm

Changes for 2019-20

Starting in Fall 2019, students in their first and second year will participate in the GoYeo Plan. This enhanced plan will provide unlimited access to breakfast, lunch, dinner and healthy breaks between meals in the Stevenson Dining Commons. It also will include access to regular meals at Lord Saunders, break meals in Wilder, and $200 flex dollars per semester.

Students who are in their third year in Fall 2019 may stay on the GoYeo Plan or elect instead to choose the Gold Plan. This plan includes 200 meals a semester, with up to 4 swipes a day at any campus dining facility. It also includes access to break dining in Wilder and $150 flex dollars a per semester. Students whose chose the 200 meal plan as their Fall 2019 preference will be transitioned automatically to the Gold Plan.

Starting in Fall 2019, Grab-and-go locations will switch from a model of pricing equivalents on à la carte items to “meal bundles,” which will include ready meals such as sandwiches with sides but also bundles designed for home cooks who would prefer to buy basic ingredients such as fruit, pasta, breakfast foods, and other bulk grocery items.

Also beginning in the fall, Flex dollars will be fully available at the start of the semester, to be used when you choose.

Changes Starting in Fall 2020

Starting in Fall 2020, students who are entering their fourth year and beyond at Oberlin will be able to choose the GoYeo plan, the Gold plan, or the Cardinal Plan. This plan will provide 100 meals per semester, with up to 4 swipes a day at any campus dining facility. It also includes access to break meals in Wilder and $100 flex dollars per semester.