Stevenson-Griswold Office

Wayne Wood, General Manager
(440) 775-8101

Ed Michalski, Director of Retail Operations
(440) 775-5522

Jason Roller, Director of Culinary
(440) 775-6231

Candy Tollett, Bookkeeper
(440) 775-5378

Kathy Mueller, Office Manager

Tiwauna Daniels, Student Job Coordinator

Stevenson Dining Hall / Biggs Go Yeo

(440) 775-8993

Bill Bolton, Assistant General Manager

Ben Geltzer - Stevenson/Catering Executive Chef

Ken Eddy, Café Manager

Mark Sustarsic, Café Manager

Odell Boone, Sous Chef

Niki Staats, Biggs Go Yeo Supervisor

Beverly Vetrosky, Biggs Go Yeo Supervisor

Bernice Brock, Café Supervisor

Wilder DeCafé / Azariah's Café

DeCafé: (440) 775-8426
Azariah's: (440) 775-6982

Chris Caronchi, Café Manager

Nancy German, Café Manager

Mariah Denham, Café Supervisor

Nik Vayda, Café Supervisor

Christine Schneider, Azariah's Supervisor

Taylor Flynn, Azariah's Supervisor

Lord/Saunders Dining Hall

(440) 775-8735

Ben Slowik, Café Manager

Stevenson - Catering Office

(440) 775-8420

Teri Krieg, Catering Director

Kassidie Lape-Wood, Catering Manager

Jamie DeJarnette, Catering Supervisor