Remote Student Engagement and Activities

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Oberlin College has several students that are studying remotely. However, the community at Oberlin can continue to thrive despite the distance through our distance programming initiative called ‘‘RemObies!’’

Oberlin Students at Connect Cleveland
Even outside of Oberlin, students can have a great sense of community. (Photo Credit: Yevhen Gulenko)

Oberlin's Division of Student Life is dedicated to engaging students and building a strong-knit Oberlin community throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. See the expandable sections below for information regarding different opportunities to connect with Oberlin.

  • On-Going Programs
    • Oberlin Remote Learning E-Guide
      • We know that transitioning to an online learning environment on short notice can come with many challenges, while also creating potential opportunities. Making a plan and adjusting your study habits can help you feel more in control. We hope that this guide will help you navigate this transition as smoothly as possible.
    • Library Resources for Remote Teaching and Learning Guide
    • Productivity Tutoring
      • Connect with a peer productivity tutor for one-on-one support with things like figuring out how to stay focused on academics while working remotely, connecting with campus resources remotely, and mapping out a schedule for the week that includes time for academics, rest, and family/friends. Schedule a meeting with Alex, Mike, or Paige using the following link:

  • YeoFit Classes - Ongoing
    • YeoFit on youtube is a collection of virtual YeoFit classes, including yoga and body weight strengthening classes. Join coaches Kim, Donna, and Isaiah to stay fit from the comfort of your own room with no equipment needed!

  • On-Going Events
    • Oberlin Review
      • The Oberlin Review is still publishing articles in an online format! Check out their website here.
    • "O-Beats" Spotify Playlist
      • A collaborative playlist for Obies to connect via music! Click the link to listen to Obie's favorite songs and upload your own. Note: Must have an account through Spotify.
    • MuddSlinger Mondays
      • The Oberlin College Library has a virtual white board called MuddSlinger where they post a question to the Oberlin College community that changes every week. Check it out!

Looking for other ways to follow Oberlin events? Don't forget to check the Oberlin events calendar!


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