Darren Hamm

  • Instructor of Nonprofit Management and Leadership


  • BA, painting and drawing, Kent State University
  • MNO, Case Western Reserve University


Darren T. Hamm is the new instructor of nonprofit management and leadership in Oberlin’s recently established Music Leadership Career Community in Oberlin Conservatory.

Since 2017, Hamm has served as the first executive director of Oberlin Center for the Arts. Since that time he has provided leadership for establishing the organization’s vision and programming and support for advancing arts and culture throughout the region.

For more than 15 years, Hamm has worked as a volunteer, intern, staff, manager and director in the non-profit sector, helping to improve operations, build nationally recognized programs, secure highly competitive awards, and maintain an integrity and quality during periods of significant organizational growth.

Much of Hamm’s work has involved developing collaborative partnerships and seeking innovative ways to address systematic issues relative to the sector. While working during the housing crisis and Great Recession, as well as with refugee community, Hamm was invited by a number of online, print, radio, and television sources including features in ABC News, NBC News, Newsweek, the Huffington Post, and Univision, along with other international journalistic efforts to advocate on behalf of the community he served.

Hamm earned a Bachelor of Arts in Painting and Drawing at Kent State University and a Master of Nonprofit Management at Case Western Reserve University. He remains active as a volunteer in community projects, as a visual artist, and as a performing musician throughout Northeast Ohio.