Daniel Schultz
  • Visiting Assistant Professor of Religion


  • BA, SUNY Geneseo, 2004
  • MA, Yale Divinity School, 2007
  • PhD, University of Chicago, 2017


Professor Schultz is a philosopher of religion working at the intersection of modern religious thought and critical theory. He is a specialist on the French philosopher/historian Michel Foucault and has research interests that range from the visual transmission of theological discourse in medieval Franciscan painting to postcolonial historiography.

His courses explore trajectories of modern religious/philosophical thought in conversation with race, gender, and literature.

  • RELG 123: Race and Religion in James Baldwin and Frantz Fanon
  • RELG 223 Religion and Revolution
  • RELG 225: Modern Religious Thought in the West: Late 17th to Mid-19th Century
  • RELG 227: Religion and Gender in Global Context
  • RELG 226: Modern Religious Thought in the West: Mid-19th Century to the Present
  • RELG 342/CMPL 342: Religion and Disenchantment in 20th-Century Literature
  • FYSP 186 Sex and Identity


Book Reviews