Portrait Photo
  • Francis D Federighi Professor of Physics


  • Bachelor of Arts, Williams College, 1976
  • Master of Science, Cornell University, 1978
  • Doctor of Philosophy, Cornell University, 1982


Research interests: astrophysics, radio astronomy, pulsars, ISM

Recent Honors Students

  • Courtney Epstein, '08, "Through a Glass Darkly: Pulsar Imaging by the Interstellar Medium"
  • Dan Hemberger, '07, "Gravitational Waves, Pulsars, and Interstellar  Scattering"
  • Alex Hill, '04, "Probing the Interstellar Medium on AU Size Scales Using Pulsar Scintillation"
  • Dan Reeves, '03, "Pulsar Scintillation and the Interstellar Medium"
  • Kate Becker, '01 "Time Variability of Scintillation Structure in Pulsar Secondary Spectra Over Twenty Years"
  • Mark Kramer, '01, "The Parabolic Arc Phenomenon in Scintillation from the Pulsar PSR 1133+16"

Recent Courses

  • Introductory Astronomy
  • Electricity, Magnetism & Thermodynamics Lab
  • Electricity and Magnetism
  • Astrophysics I:  Stars and Planets
  • Astrophysics II:  Galaxies and Cosmology
  • Climate Modeling
  • Modern Physics Lab

Faculty Notes

  • Dan Stinebring's collaboration wins NSF award to create Physics Frontier Center

    April 2, 2015

    Dan Stinebring is a senior member of NANOGrav, a research group searching for low-frequency gravitational waves. The National Science Foundation has awarded NANOGrav $14.5 million over five years to create and operate a Physics Frontier Center. The project will focus on the direct detection of low-frequency gravitational waves, which are produced by orbiting supermassive black holes and exotic changes in the early universe.

    Stinebring will play a critical role in the project by using methods and analysis to remove interstellar delays of distant pulsars. Read the full article here.