Cyril Amanfo ’22

  • Admissions Counselor


I came to Oberlin at a time where I couldn’t even find Ohio on a map. I was born and raised in Lowell, Massachusetts, and went to high school in Concord, New Hampshire. My New England upbringing made me slightly nervous to relocate to the Midwest, but upon visiting campus, I knew that Oberlin would become a home for me. During my visit in October 2017, I felt so supported by the students, faculty, and staff that I encountered, and each one of them wanted to make sure I could find my place in Oberlin.

In 2022, I graduated from Oberlin with a degree in neuroscience and highest honors in theater. During my four years here, I was heavily involved in student theater, many cultural associations, gospel choir, and was even chosen as the Student Commencement Speaker for my graduating class. My time at Oberlin taught me so much about expanding my comfort zone and trying new things. I was able to start a band, write, choreograph, and perform in a musical, utilize cutting-edge technology in the chemistry labs, and so much more just by being on campus. Oberlin is inspired by the passion of our people, and I was very grateful to have contributed to that very passion.

I’m very excited to be back at Oberlin in a new way as an Admissions Counselor and can’t wait to meet you here on campus or in your own hometowns, and I hope Oberlin can impact you the way that it impacted me.


North Carolina, South Carolina, Connecticut, Georgia, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont