Week 13: Student Employment

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Issue #13

Student Employment

Student working at the College lanes

Student Employment Opportunities

The Student Employment Office welcomes the Class of 2026! Oberlin offers not only great opportunities to learn, but also the chance to gain job skills and knowledge that can help you transition into your professional life after graduation. Last year, more than 1,700 students held jobs on campus!

If you are considering a campus job, you’ll need to bring to Oberlin several federally required employment authorization documents. The list of acceptable documents may be found on page 3 of the I-9 form. Please note that photocopies, scans, emails, or pictures of these documents are not acceptable. Per federal regulations, original, unexpired documents must be submitted in person to the Student Employment Office no later than three days after your employment start date. Documents cannot be submitted before an employment offer has been accepted.

Please visit oberlin.edu/studentemployment (click the “Information for Students” box) for additional information and resources. This section includes links to Oberlin’s job posting site, payment guidelines, new student hire requirements, and more.

We asked three student workers these questions: What do you value most about your student job experience? In what ways do you feel like your student job is preparing you for life after Oberlin?

Brian Razo '23: Jobs included Student Employment Office Assistant, Astronomy Grader, Sports Medicine Aide, America Counts Tutor 

“What I value most is that my jobs recognize that above all else, I am a student first. Campus jobs should and will revolve around your changing schedule, so if something comes up, keeping a clear communication line with your supervisor allows you to shift your schedule. Your supervisor will help take care of workplace issues that arise and will be happy to have you join in on the festivities happening around in the workplace. Lastly, supervisors are always grateful and happy to have students in the workplace and treat them with kindness and care.  

“Each of my jobs has given me a sense of clarity in what I want to do career-wise after Oberlin. I’ve worked in an office, worked with elementary school students, and guided other students to become better versions of themselves.”

Hunter Wilson '24: Athletic Facilities

“The most important quality of my student job experience is flexibility. As a student-athlete, it can be hard to schedule times to work. However, my student job is extremely flexible, so I am able to pick hours that are best suited for my needs and put me in the best situation to succeed. My student job allows me to focus on my education while exposing me to time management skills. I schedule my study and free times around my class, work, and athletics responsibilities. Being exposed to these kinds of things will make life after Oberlin less stressful.”

Dewi Beer '22: Jobs include Athletic Programs/Recreation, Athletic Facilities, and Lifeguard

“The thing I value most about my student job experience has been the opportunity to connect with different people and communities that I otherwise would not have the chance to meet. I work as a lifeguard and monitor in the cardio and weight rooms, and through these positions, I have created friendships with people I might not have met outside of the pool or fitness spaces but have since become integral parts of my experience at Oberlin. 

“One of the hardest parts of being a student employee in college is balancing the responsibilities with schoolwork. My student jobs have taught me the importance of fulfilling my commitments with joy and a positive attitude. The people coming to the pool on a weekday night or the cardio room on a Sunday morning deserve friendliness and attention, regardless of my personal challenges or pressing deadlines.”

Orientation Schedule Release Date

The full Orientation schedule and move-in information will be released as part of next week's issue of "Ready, Set, Oberlin". We look forward to sharing these important details with you!