The Counseling Center is offering a variety of process-oriented as well as skills-focused groups to create a space for students to develop coping resources, build a more effective relationship with emotions, foster healthy relationship skills, and receive validation and support in processing past and current experiences.

Our Anxiety Toolbox Workshops, Personal Growth Group, and Mindfulness Mondays provide opportunities to focus on self-awareness, coping, and self-care on a short-term basis. Our Grief & Loss Group and In My Feelings Group offer an environment for longer-term processing and focusing on specific concerns.

Additionally, we will offer several groups to-be-determined based on availability and interest. Groups might include Addiction Recovery, Dreamers Running Group, Gender ID Support Group, Healthy Relationships,  #MeToo: Sexual Trauma Recovery, People of Color Support Group, and Queer Support Group.

Browse more information about the types of groups the center offers as well as a description of specific groups via our Group Therapy site.