Cora Hasegawa


I was born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where I fell in love with the beautiful Oklahoma sky and the dancers of Tulsa Ballet.

I committed to Oberlin early decision and majored in cinema studies with a double minor in East Asian studies and art history. I love everything and anything about film and am constantly watching new movies and TV shows. At Oberlin, I discovered a love for animation and now spend much of my free time making and planning small animated shorts—I find it’s the perfect way to combine my love of stories and art. 

While in college, I also learned how to play taiko (traditional Japanese drumming), which inspired a deep passion for the art form and Oberlin College Taiko, the college group I played with for three years. Additionally, I spent three years living and dining in co-ops, first at Old Barrows and then two years at Keep.

In my free time, I am always watching movies, usually while knitting or making cutouts for animation. I also enjoy reading, often returning to my well-loved Jane Austen and Harry Potter books. My love of food and happy memories of communal cooking in the co-op system are encouraging me to expand my cooking skills, but there is still nothing better to me than a fresh pot of Japanese rice!


Alaska, Arkansas, Guam, Hawaii, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Oregon, Puerto Rico, Texas (Dallas and West Texas; San Antonio, Austin, and South Texas), Virgin Islands, Washington