Conservatory Professional Development

Student Success Fund

Quick Reference

Primary contact: Susan Ellinger, Associate Director of Conservatory Professional Development, (440) 775-8686

Grant Periods: Application deadlines in the fall and spring will cover expenses incurred during the academic year from September through May (retroactive expenses are eligible). Summer Experience Funding will cover expenses incurred during the summer.
Please note:  Students are eligible to apply once in the Fall OR Spring semesters, AND again for summer funding.  

Application deadlines:

  • Fall Semester:  Monday, October 31, 2022, by 5:00 pm EDT
  • Spring Semester:  Monday, February 13, 2023, by 5:00 pm EDT
  • The Summer Experience funding application is now open.  Information and a link to the application is available here.

*In order to access the application form, you must be signed into your Oberlin account.

For more information: Contact us via emailmake an appointment, or stop by Central Unit 33 during drop-in office hours Monday 1-3pm and Thursday 11am-1pm.


Apply Now


Thanks to the generosity of Oberlin Conservatory alumni donors and friends, this fund provides support for a range of expenses related to professional endeavors such as application fees and associated expenses related to graduate schools, summer festivals, competitions as well as instrument repair and maintenance, and much more. 

Applicants are encouraged to prepare for the application process by taking advantage of workshops, courses, and advising through the Office of Conservatory Professional Development.

Who should apply?

All Conservatory and Double Degree students, including graduating seniors, are eligible to apply for awards of up to $500.  Students on an academic or personal leave of absence are not eligible for funding.

Application Process

Prior to starting your application please prepare the following materials:

*Once in the form, you will not be able to save and return

  1. Applicant Information: Name, Email, T-number, Projected Graduation Year, and Contact Information.
  2. Amount requested (not to exceed $1,000)
  3. Narrative description of activities proposed:
    • Describe the way(s) in which the project supports professional expenses and information regarding your level of financial need.
    • A timeline of your activities.
  4. Provide a budget summary of the expenses associated with your activities and expected revenue from other sources, if any. See sample budget linked above.  Please note the following stipulations on expenditures:
    • Expenditures on acquired (not renting) capital goods – such as laptops, software and equipment in general – may not exceed $100.
    • Students may not pay themselves a salary, though they may pay others directly for their services.
    • Award money may not be spent on liquor.
  5. Confirmation of Proposed Activities: an email confirmation or registration receipt are acceptable.
  6. Oberlin Reference: Include the name of your primary studio instructor. If you do not have a primary studio instructor, please provide the name of an Oberlin faculty member with whom you conduct your primary studies.